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6 August 2023 (10 months ago)
19 Nov


Age 30

Pronouns she/they

Sign scorpio ♏︎

Partner Dor


Hi, I'm Chama! I'm a natural disaster masquerading as a person! My life is run by three creatures who think I should be the Linguini to their Remy Ratatouille and all dislike the others.

Code by CalsCode, art by Lolli, Guts, and Luna ♡


chamalaeon's Design Terms

By commissioning me for a custom or purchasing a design I have made, you agree to the following Terms of Service.



  • My designs are meant for personal use only. This means you may not use them for vtubing, making merchandise, etc.
  • Nothing I have made is allowed to be used for NFTs. I will never make any, nor will I consent to any being made, so if you see my designs on a site, they have been stolen.
  • My designs may not also be used in machine learning/"AI" training.
  • I retain the right to share designs I have made for promotional purposes.
  • I request users on my blacklist not be traded or given designs by me.


  • If you remove credits from a design that link to my TH, I reserve the right to refuse to sell further designs to you.
  • If you choose to repost a design to share on social media I am not present on under the name chamalaeon you must link back to my, otherwise you may tag my profile on there to credit me.
  • I don't need credit each time a design by me is drawn, but I'm happy to see!
  • For Candyfloss customs, they will be uploaded by the MYO Center account without credits. You must fix the credits yourself to credit me on both the page as creator and on the design artwork, or else let me know you're not sure how to, and I will help you sort it out.
  • For other MYO customs for most other CS (auratails, lockettes, dextroluma, dexettes, kipitins, etc), you will receive the files over discord or or TH DM, and be allowed to upload them yourself in accordance with the species' rules, as well as credit me as designer on the page (or creator, for Auratails).
  • For adopts, I will upload the files and handle credits before transferring the design to you.
  • Please do not delete and reupload a character/design from TH. If you find you need to for some reason, please let me know.


  • You may not draw over my designs in order to redesign them. If you would prefer changes made to a design by me, you are free to ask me to tweak them on the original base, and discuss options of paying for that/trading for it as needed.
  • If it is within a closed species, you must follow all the rules the species has for redesigning.
  • Designs created in collaboration with another artist, you must follow all their rules in addition to mine. For example, if they disallow redesigns, then you may not redesign even though I would otherwise be fine with it. The more restrictive rule wins.
  • Designs created for a closed species as adoptables may not be converted out of the closed species they were made for.
  • Designs created for a closed species as customs or personal designs that I then later traded may be converted out of the closed species they were made in, and it is not necessary to ask my permission, so long as the closed species allows conversions/voiding and you follow their applicable rules.
  • Non-CS designs may be converted into closed species without needing my permission.
  • Beyond this I generally allow redesigns very broadly. However, some designs may come with unique rules, so always make sure to check the specific permissions on a design before going to redesign.


  • Payment must be sent over Paypal within 48 hours or the design will return to being for sale.
  • If you fail to pay three times, I will blacklist you and you will no longer be able to purchase designs from me.
  • There will be no refunding once files (or a TH character) have been transferred, and if you issue a chargeback on me, you will be blacklisted from me and unable to purchase designs from me.


  • For CS designs, follow the closed species' rules on if they allow reselling and how much they allow it for.
  • For non-CS designs, please only sell for the amount the design cost and the cost of any additional purchased artwork. For designs received in trade, it should only be resold for the value of any artwork you, the current owner, purchased.
  • Designs received in trade with no artwork purchased by the current owner should only be traded.
  • If I notice or am informed of suspicious activity on these fronts, I will reserve the right to blacklist you.

Public Blacklist

Please do not harass users on this list, this is purely for informational purposes. I will not disclose why a user is on this list unless they themself ask (as I have not necessarily blocked them).

  • villemorte / miki / mimiky
  • XXLilithofthedeadXX

I reserve the right to make further changes to this TOS at any time.

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