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22 July 2023 (11 months ago)
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Age: 23

pronouns: She/her

Sign: Virgo

The Raccoons: smol, Intrepid, Luna, guts, soi, Chama, Lolli


Hello, hello! I'm Puffin, one of the 8 raccoons in a trench coat that run the site and a complete disaster. I enjoy collecting pretty characters and putting them into a blender loving them gently. I'm a hobby artist and draw or occasionally write when I have the time, or motivation to do so!

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PuffinDoodle's Design Terms


  • My Terms of Service apply to all works created by me including commissions, customs, adoptables, etc.
  • By commissioning me or obtaining a design by me, you are agreeing that you have read and understood my T.O.S.
  • My artwork and designs are intended for personal use only. If you wish to use them commercially you must first contact me (via TH, discord, etc.) to discuss obtaining commercial rights.
  • I will not allow my artwork or designs to be used for NFTs or for “AI training” under any circumstance. I will never consent to have my artwork used for such purposes.
  • I retain the right to deny service for any reason.
  • I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to distribute, reproduce or use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Commissions or designs may be requested to be kept private by the buyer and I will respect those wishes.
  • My workflow can be slow, please keep this in mind when commissioning, however, I will do my best to communicate my progress as I work. Commissioners are always welcome to contact me to check the progress of their pieces.
  • Do not edit or modify any of my works (adoptables or commissions) without first speaking to me.
  • For designs within Closed Species, all Closed Species T.O.S. apply in addition to my own. Whichever ruling is more strict should be the one that is followed.
  • Breaking my T.O.S. may result in a temporary or permanent ban from purchasing further artwork or designs.


  • All designs created by me (custom or adopt) will be pre-uploaded to Toyhouse with the proper credits attached and upon purchase, will be transferred over to the buyer. The only exception to this rule is in the case that the design must be uploaded to a preexisting MYO slot provided by the commissioner (such is the case for Lockettes, Dextroluma, Dexette and Kipitin), then the buyer must upload the design to the slot themselves with the proper credits to my Toyhouse account (PuffinDoodle)
  • You may not delete or delete and reupload my designs from Toyhouse as this deletes their ownership history. If you wish to delete a design of mine from Toyhouse for any reason please discuss it with me beforehand.
  • Artwork may be uploaded to Toyhouse so long as proper credit to my Toyhouse account (PuffinDoodle) is given.
  • You may repost my artwork or designs to other social media platforms so long as you directly credit my Toyhouse account (PuffinDoodle)
  • You do not have to credit me every time that you draw a design made by me, however, I do not mind being tagged in artworks of my designs. In fact, I love seeing them being used!

Cash Payment:

  • All payment is in USD via Paypal, I will not accept any other form of payment unless I explicitly state otherwise
  • Payment is due 24 hours after purchase unless a hold or payment plan is discussed prior.
  • Failure to pay in the given timeframe will result in the design/ commission slot going back up for sale. Repeated failure to pay in the given timeframe will result in a ban from further purchases.
  • Holds may be permitted for up to a week, however, I retain the right to deny a request for a hold should I see fit. Holds requested for longer than a week are permitted for frequent or trusted buyers
  • Payment plans are permitted for trusted buyers only and must be discussed with me prior to claiming. I retain the right to deny any request for a payment plan
  • Refunds are only permitted prior or during the sketching stages of a commission/custom. Please be aware that by requesting a refund you are surrendering the sketch to me and I may repurpose it as I see fit.
  • Once the finished files are given to the buyer no refunds are permitted.


  • Art, character, MYO, etc. trades are only permitted should the posting specifically state that those offers are acceptable.
  • Character trades should be transferred to my TH account, PuffinDoodle, within 24 hours just as cash payment
  • MYOs should either be transferred to my TH account, PuffinDoodle, or listed under my name within 24 hours just as cash payment
  • Art trades should only be offered if they can be completed within a timely manner or if I am kept up to date should it take an extended period of time. Trades may be canceled should I receive no updates from the artist in two months

Reselling/Trading Designs

  • If the design is purchased, you may resell it only for its original price. However, if the design has additional artwork (gift/free artwork is not counted), you may resell it for a higher price to account for the additional value added by the artwork.
  • If a design is obtained without purchase (via raffle, gift, or otherwise) you may not sell it. In the case of an emergency, you may contact me and we can discuss it.
  • You may trade my designs as you see fit, however, if you wish to sell a design that has been traded to you please contact me beforehand to discuss it.


  • Redesigns are permitted, however, it may not be redesigned to the point it is no longer recognizable as the same character. If you are unsure if a  redesign crosses this line you may contact me to check.
  • I do not permit my art to be drawn over or modified without permission, if you want to make edits to the original design please first ask me. In some cases, I am willing to make the edits for you
  • If you wish to convert a design of mine out of a Closed Species you must first be granted permission from me. Please respect my wishes should I deny your request to convert out of a Closed Species.
  • If you wish to convert a design of mine into a Closed Species you must first be granted permission from me. Please respect my wishes should I deny your request to convert into a Closed Species.
  • “AU versions” of my designs are permitted should you get permission from me beforehand. “AU versions” should never be split from the original design and sold separately, doing so may result in a ban from further purchases.
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