Lockette Trait Update!

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Lockette Trait Update!

 As previously announced we have been getting all things Lockette related on site! The biggest hurdle was of course setting up the trait lists, descriptions and assets! Now they’re finally done we can finally explain everything in one big news post for ease!

So what actually changed?

To start off with, nothing major has changed! Like with Dextroluma some traits have been merged and minimized to make things easier when listing, again, these are very minor things! So let’s get onto listing them and what exactly has been altered.

Geometric Shaped Charms

Common charms have strictly only been a certain amount of shapes to choose from, some shapes were also left out and so to combat this we’ve altered this trait to make a little more sense! Now, any geometric shape will class as common! Additionally, skulls will now class as Rare.

Most charms found among Lockettes take simple and easily identifiable shapes.  These range from shapes such as hearts and crescent moons to squares, circles, triangles, and hexagons.  These charms are always a singular shape - a circle flanked by crescent moons would not count as a geometric shaped charm.

Custom Shaped Charms

Nothing much has changed here aside from the fact that we’re now allowing these charms to appear broken! It’s no longer a mutation. Any geometric charm that appears broken will class as Rare.

Sometimes, Lockettes are found sporting more complex charms than the typical geometric ones.  These can take an incredible variety of shapes - bones, anatomical hearts, skulls, shells, flowers, pinecones…  These charms can also appear to be broken.


We now call 'weapons' summons and categorize them as Weapon summons, Other summons and Living summons. As usual, Weapon summons are common, Other is rare and Living summons are Seasonal! We’ve only altered the name here.

Band Collars

Common collars have always been a single band, a spiked variant and a frilly variant. We felt it was much easier to just refer to these types of collars as “Band Collars”

Most Lockette collars take the form of a simple banded collar.  This collar may appear with some accessories - typically, frills or spikes are seen, but occasionally other embellishments are seen that do not alter the basic shape of the collar.



Chains are now fully classed as common, you can have one chain or plenty! They can be even made out of other materials!

Some Lockettes manifest with ‘chains’ attaching their charms to their collar.  The reasons for this are unknown, but it happens so often it is seen as unremarkable.  These ‘chains’ are often literal chains, but can also be strings or ropes or something else.

Shell types

Articulated is a new common trait listed in the shell type category. This basically means “non BJD”.

Similar to how if you select a BJD body and then have Intact / Fragmented, the same will be applied to an articulated body.

An articulated shell is one of the commonly made types of shells.  These shells are distinguished by being formed to resemble the exterior of a humanoid body that would possess interior joints.  Articulated prosthetics are commonly used as well.  They are believed to be somewhat more difficult for saura to control, as they typically are more rigid before becoming inhabited by saura, but are a popular choice for shellmakers as they are often simpler to make than a BJD shell.


Nothing big here apart from the fact that we are allowing wings to be functional! Let your Lockettes Fly!

On occasion, a Lockette manifests with wings.  These wings can be anywhere on the shell and of any size, with larger ones sometimes being capable of letting the Lockette fly.  They may also take different forms - feathered, leather, insect, or even being comprised of metal or something else.  The wings may represent a clue at the origin of their saura, though there is little conclusive evidence to this supposition.

And that’s about all I have for you guys! I haven’t listed all of the traits here since there were no changes, but you can view all Lockette traits here and see examples and read their descriptions!

♥ Big Thank you to chamalaeon for these descriptions (and myself for speeding through assets last night) ♥

We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made and I hope they make things smoother for you all, any questions you can ask in the questions channel or private ticket! ♥

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HELL YEAH flying locks im so excited for this

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