Seashell Soirée

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Welcome to the Seashell Soirée!

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Great Mushroom Harvest during March and April!  We had a lot of fun and hope you did too!  With this new update come a number of new things that you can enjoy doing on site, from new pets to new dailies, a brand new permanent shop, a scavenger hunt, and more!

Site Alterations

As you might have noticed in the past few days, there’s a new daily!  Help Goolia attempt to retrieve her bones from her mischievous summon each day in Higher or Lower!

a light teal crocodile's head with a bone in its mouth, his face appears smug

Say a fond farewell with us to Stewy for now.  For unknown reasons, Queen Iola seems to have lost the ability to make more.  At least we can continue to enjoy(?) her delicious(?) stews…

If you look at a character's page, such as that of the best(?) cook on Aerius, Queen Iola, you may notice a new button at the top!  With the boop feature, you can boop any character somebody else owns once per day.  There's no notifications of this, and it is not akin to favoriting them.  Think of it as though you are patting them on the head!  You can opt out of having your characters be boopable in your user settings, and of course, characters viewable to an authorized list can only be booped by mods and your authorized users.  We hope you enjoy booping!

You may also find some surprises around the site!

New Event Currency

Introducing... Seashells a small dark blue seashell with gold flecks! With this event comes a lovely glittering shell! What are they for? Well keep reading!

Seaside Pet Variants

Now we get to introduce our second variant, now purchasable with the event! Some of you may have seen these already, but now we can properly introduce them! Say hello to the
Seaside pets!
a frog like pet colored to look like a mix of water and sanda jellyfish like pet colored to look mostly like water with bits of sanda living stew colored like water with objects floating in it, with a sandy bucket on its head
These sweet little friends are perfect for beach lovers! Show your love for these pets by purchasing them with Seashells a small dark blue seashell with gold flecks or feeding your regular pet the Seaside Cookie!

New Pets

With the introduction of the Aqueous nations come three new friends!  We hope you’ll delight in getting to know the Cephulu, Tiburok, and Whazer!  For now, these three are only available at the Seashell Soirée - Boone's currently having trouble with the fancy schmancy tech to get tanks and water filters up and running for them in his shop.  Hopefully his daughter will come help her old man out soon.  Like the Hopopper, Jelluxi, and our beloved Stewy, they have different variants that they can be changed to with cookies. 

a green squidlike creature with large eyesa dark grey shark encrusted with purple crystalsa blue whale-like pet speckled with white and growing moss and mushrooms with a glowing blue mouth

In addition, there’s now lore up on all the site’s pets in the Fauna Section of the World!

New Shops!

Check out our event shop, Seashell Soirée Where you can spend your event currency ! Our event shop features new pet variants, strong elixirs, cookies, and the new pets, so there’s plenty available to purchase! You can earn Seashells a small dark blue seashell with gold flecks by completing prompts, 

It also looks like the Great Mushroom Harvest was the exact chance Blossom needed!  Visit her at the Strawberry Gardens, her new permanent shop, to get tools and spores for use in Cultivation - and maybe consider unlocking the Mushroom Gardens via prompt if you haven’t yet!  It seems like the new aqueous mushrooms you can grow might be used in some new dishes too...

a cookie shaped like a clam shell with icing that resembles watera bag of soil labeled strawberry gardens

New Prompts

This event comes with new prompts to enjoy! Follow your Dextroluma as they enjoy themselves at the Seashell Soirée, and get involved yourself, as one of the prompts is to paint a seashell yourself!  That prompt rewards a lot of seashells a small dark blue seashell with gold flecks and a special shell - but if you aren’t able to get the materials to do it, don’t worry.  You’ll be able to purchase the special shell from the event shop with seashells a small dark blue seashell with gold flecks.  (You can also do this if you just want more of it to put into your characters’ inventories!)

Additionally, what’s this?  There’s new Key Character prompts for Blossom, Boone, and the newly introduced rulers of the Eternal Depths, Anja and Syndra!  We hope you enjoy getting to know them and collecting their trinkets for your characters

New Explore

Oh - it looks like a new place to explore has appeared!  Check out the Tide Pools, where you can find collectible seashells - and maybe some other things.  The Tide Pools will disappear when the alignment of Aerius’ moons shift on July 1st, so definitely explore them while they’re here!

New Award (and Scavenger Hunt)

Of course with our New Event comes a new Award! Best get to collecting seashells from the Tide Pools and exploring the site itself - to get this award, you’ll need a collection of them.  Of course, you could do prompts and buy them from Queen Anja and Queen Syndra… but we’re told that exploring will get them faster!

a crown of seashells

New Items

In the event shop, you may notice something called 'Snapshots'!  These items apply a background to your character's profile / mastlerist entry, which you can see demonstrated by our lovely Lalasa!  Right now, the first one of the Eternal Palace only available at the Seashell Soirée, but we've heard rumors Serena plans to start offering them in July.  Bear in mind that these backgrounds will not work if your character's image has a background already.  You also must put the snapshot into the character's inventory for it to work - so if you want to display the Eternal Palace on five of your characters, you'll need a snapshot for each of them.

Discord Nitro Boosters are getting a free snapshot of Endville as one of their rewards for this past month of support.  It will become available for purchase by everyone - including boosters who would like to get extras - in June!

a old style photograph with border showing part of the Eternal Palacean old style photograph with border showing part of Endville

New Page

Check out the Past Dialogues to refresh your memory on what different shopkeepers and events have said before - and keep an eye out for when dialogues change again!

Look Forward To...

This event will continue through the end of June! 


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