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Where you can submit your Featured Dextroluma art or commissioned Feature Artist Art



Once a month a random Dextroluma, Lockette, Dexette or Nunuluma and Artist will be picked to be featured! Typically a new Character and Artist will be picked on the first of every month.

Featured Character: To be featured the character must be set to "OPEN for gift art" and "PLEASE  ASK before gift writing" or "OPEN for gift writing".  Please make sure to not add large or obstructing watermarks/signatures to any art piece! If the character is set to ask before gift writing you must first get permission to write for the character before submitting anything. Please respect the owner should they decline gift writing!  

Featured Artist:  Pieces done by the Featured Artist can only be redeemed by the commissioner and not the  Featured Artist. Commissioned art can only be redeemed if it's done by the Featured Artist. You may still redeem commissions by featured artists outside of the month they were featured in provided that you provide screenshots alongside the finished piece proving they were commissioned when they were the Featured Artist


Drawn Requirements: One Uncolored Sketched Headshot
Written Requirements: 100 words

Where to Post (Featured Character): Post your works to the Prompt Gallery and copy the URL into the "Submission URL".  Make sure to add  "Gift For" and their username under "Other Participants".  You may NOT submit any pieces privately to ensure they can see the art you've done!
Where to Post (Featured Artist): Post your works to the Prompt Gallery and copy the URL into the "Submission URL". If you wish to keep your submissions private you may instead use a link or link (for art do not link us to the  gallery! Right-click and "Open image in new tab")

Prompt Limits: Five Times Per User


These rewards will be awarded to the user submitting this prompt.
Reward Amount
Crystals 5


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